"Elevate your business with premium organic products direct from local family farms

Our organic products, straight from the hands of Indonesian farmers, are more than just goods – they’re a lifeline of support for local communities.




Local, Sustainable, and Harvesting Hope by the Farmer

In Indragiri Hulu, Riau, meet Pak Iwan, a coconut farmer with a heart as big as his coconut groves. Every day, his hands work hard, caring for the trees that hold his family's stories. When the sun rises, Pak Iwan doesn't just see dirt; he sees a promise of good things and dreams coming true.

“Join us in nurturing dreams and harvesting hope—because every choice you make resonates in the story of our farmers”

Our Promise

There are a lot of food options out there. We know you have a choice. Our promise is that buying local and supporting local farming is the best choice.

What We Do

We partner with farms and producers and carefully select only the best local and small batch products to feature in our marketplace.

Who We Are

We are a small business that believes in a community. We grew up in rural agricultural communities and know how hard our farmers work to provide.

Riau, Indonesia Farmer in Numbers

Successful Farmers grow prosperity with hard work and dedication

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